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Rev. Dr. Imani-Sheila offers one-on-one spiritual direction by appointment.

What is Christian spiritual direction?

Christian spiritual direction is a set group of routines, practices or strategies to help strengthen a person’s spiritual life or relationship with God. A person helps people to develop these routines is a Christian spiritual director.

What do Christian spiritual directors do?

Christian spiritual directors, who are sometimes called spiritual companions or guides, are dedicated to guiding people to explore matters of faith in God. The Christian spiritual director can help people to develop routines, practices and strategies to help strengthen a person’s spiritual life or identify the godly resources that are already within the individual. Christian spiritual directors also help people face life challenges.


In Christian spiritual direction, we think of God and Christian scripture as the foremost guides which the spiritual director uses to help persons to access insights about life.


In the Gospels, Jesus served as a spiritual director to his disciples in order to help them  renew a relationship with God through him.


In Acts 9, Ananias directs Paul of Tarsus to grow  spiritually  as Paul works to understand his  experience of Jesus Christ and his growth faith in God’s actions in his life and in the world.

What is the difference between Christian spiritual direction and psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy, the primary relationship is between the therapist and the client.

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